Summer Collab 2017

If you’re anything like me, the actual table is often not the place where meals and snacks and drinks and late night bowls of cereal get consumed. It’s the floor, the cheap white plastic chairs out on the porch, the couch with the Great British Baking Show running the background (the show is SO good!). … Continue reading Summer Collab 2017

A Year of Trust

How is it already May 2017?! Am I the only one that’s freaking out about this? I mean, where in the world has this year already gone?? SLOW DOWN TIME. Okay, okay, I’ll calm down. But phew, a lot has happened between now and then, and I’m just trying to keep my head from spinning … Continue reading A Year of Trust

Be Nice to the Janitor

Remember when we were little, and every day we heard the same mantra over and over: Sharing is caring, be nice, play nice. It was pounded into our little brains from the moment we understood ownership and kindness. But somehow, in the midst of growing up and becoming our own people (goodbye parental rules!), we … Continue reading Be Nice to the Janitor

Spring Collab 2017: Everything You Need for Easter

Remember that one time when Katie Ann and I lit candles and baked a bird and toasted glasses of wine around the table? That was fun. Well, we’re back for round two of the collab! And this time, we tried to put spring out on the table in preparation for Easter. But of course, the … Continue reading Spring Collab 2017: Everything You Need for Easter

Thankful On a Monday

I have been trying to create a new daily habit of thankfulness, of counting my blessings and thanking God for what I DO have... Because it’s altogether too easy to remember only what I DON’T have.  So today I am thankful for my husband who gets up in the morning with me and makes the … Continue reading Thankful On a Monday

James Family Annual Review 2016

It’s Christmas morning in the James household. WELL, it’s not literally Christmas morning, but we’re celebrating early before we pack our bloated selves into the car to travel hours and hours to see our families for the real deal. We’re currently stuffed full of cinnamon rolls and coffee, which will soon be followed by breakfast … Continue reading James Family Annual Review 2016

My Advent Season

  I’m in the weeds again, buried deep, analyzing the soil, searching all the cracks and turns of the bark.  I literally can’t see the forest for the trees. All the while I cry out for the Lord to give me a glimpse into the beautiful expanse of the forest, but it’s me who hangs … Continue reading My Advent Season