Long Shot

Hi there! Welcome to Sampled. I’m Angelina Danae, and I am so glad you’re here. I can’t wait to get to know you more! In the meantime, here’s a little bit more about me.

I love food, and I love to eat. I love people, and I love to learn their stories. In an attempt to understand the world around me, I am continually amazed at the bonds created, the conflicts understood, the love discovered when people share life across a plate a food.

As a newly-wed, young twenty-something, life is utterly confusing, at times bitterly disappointing but continually astonishingly beautiful. This is my celebration of the people around me, the lessons I’m learning, the adventures I’m taking, and the food therapy that continues to heal and bind me together as a human being.

The Details

My drink of choice: gin and tonic or a glass of Syrah
Currently trying to perfect: pizza dough! (There’s more to it than it seems… I promise.)
Dreaming of visiting: Patagonia, Maine, and Iceland
My kitchen is never without: quality olive oil, limes, garlic, tomatoes, and onion
On my bedside table: Stephen King’s On Writing, a three-week old glass of water, random bits of paper with beginning stages of ideas, and at least five hair ties and 10 bobby pins
Obsessing over: pho, olives, creamy cheeses, grilled brussel sprouts, waffles, and pico de gallo
Favorite magazine: bon appétit. They can do no wrong!
The cure to a bad day: laying on the floor while my husband cooks dinner (he’s an angel)
Favorite weekend activity: Hiking to a waterfall, cooling off in the water, then filling up completely on chips and fresh garden salsa

Other Passions

Her Tea Talks: A monthly gathering for women to explore their creativity and gain accountability for the goals.
What About Marriage Podcast: A podcast where my husband and I share our marriage story in hopes of encouraging an open dialogue for other couples.

Friend, I’d love to hear more about you. Contact me with any questions you may have (or to tell me your favorite drink!), or sign up to get recipes and encouragement sent straight to your inbox so that you never miss a single story, recipe, or thought!

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